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the year 2017

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1 issue/year

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The MHGC Proceedings was originally founded by NDSAN Network (MFC – Coordinator of the NDSAN)

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Target audience

Scientists/researchers (medical, social, educational fields and etc.), mental health (MH) practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, lawyers.

Major objectives

  • to attract attention of researchers and policy-makers to urgent problems of mental health care (MHC)
  • to provide a platform for dissemination of ideas and development of academic and non-academic network of MHC researchers, practitioners and policy-makers
  • to promote high quality research most specifically on MH in developing countries and countries in transition
  • to investigate multi-disciplinary, transdisciplinary and multicultural aspects and solutions related to MHC

Field of study and special focus

Medicine, Social Sciences, Education, Economics, Law, Inter- and Transdisciplinary studies


  • MHC systems in the context of global social challenges:
  • Mental health and migration:
  • Mental health in times of military conflicts
  • Mental health and community
  • Specific issues of MHC: child neuropsychiatry; support for people with disabilities, work with elders related to mental health; MHC in rural areas; addictive behavior
  • Higher Education and MHC: Research and Innovations:

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Author (2018). Title of the paper, MHGC Proceedings (pp.). Rome, Italy.

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US Embassy (in Ukraine) (Press, Education and Culture Department of the US Embassy in Ukraine. The views of the conference participants do not necessarily coincide with the official position of the US government)

The MHGC Proceedings contain research papers on multidisciplinary aspects of Mental Health Care system in globally

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