Top 10 of most readable papers. MHGC Journal ISSN 2612-2138

Dear colleagues

It is a pleasure for me to introduce you top 10 of most readable papers of MHGC Journal (since 04.11 to 19.11)

I would like to clarify that Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal is a journal dedicated to international studies of MHC systems in the context of global social challenges. The journal especially encourages manuscripts which may be of interest to policy makers and/or practitioners.

👉🏻 Uka et al. The   Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders  🧐 165 views\reads

👉🏻 Pergjini et al. Borderline   personality disorder and nursing approach  🧐  138 views\reads

👉🏻Itskovich DIR®-informed   approach to anxiety and trauma in school age children  🧐  110 views\reads

👉🏻Kourkouta et al  CHILD SUICIDE:   FAMILY’S REACTIONS  🧐  110 views\reads

👉🏻Lacatus  Rational and   irrational processes in decision making: An economic perspective  🧐  105 views\reads

👉🏻Păduraru Coping   strategies for exam stress  🧐  96 views\reads

👉🏻Dictus et al  Our Bodies Our   Voice: A case study on utilization of governance streams to change the policy   for prevention of sexual violence in universities and the role of grassroots   organizations  🧐  93 views\reads

👉🏻Iliadis et al  HUMAN RIGHTS OF   MENTALLY ILL PATIENTS 🧐   92 views\reads

👉🏻Grischuk  Symptom. Toxic   story: case study   🧐   89 views\reads

👉🏻Tsaloglidou et   al  HEART FAILURE,   DEPRESSION AND EXERCISE   🧐   88 views\reads

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